The (Re)Visionary Film Trailer

As some of my colleagues may know, I’ve been obsessed with Jean-Luc Godard recently. Godard is mostly recognized as one of the founders of the New Wave (Nouvelle Vague), the French film movement that changed Cinema forever. At the age of 79, Godard is not slowing down his iconoclastic approach to film.

His newest feature “Socialisme” not only has a trailer, but a 2m / 3s sped-up clip of the entire film (there are even shorter versions). Is it innovative marketing or wry commentary on contemporary film trailers and their tendency to give away the entire film? You decide.

The Trailer:


The 2m / 32s Film:

FILM SOCIALISME / JLG / FILM ANNONCE 3 from Lieutenant Delmas on Vimeo.

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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
April 5, 2010