Well Done Is Better Than Well Said


Strategy sounds great. But unless it moves things into action, what’s the point? The most important job for an agency brand planning team needs to be creating ideas that are easy, clear and exciting to act on. As Ben Franklin once wrote: “well done is better than well said.”

We are all a collection of thoughts. It’s not one key outlook but rather the kaleidoscope of beliefs that make each of us unique.

I decided to write some of my beliefs down. And what resulted was a rather ugly infographic-wordcloud-type-of-thing.

But I look at it a lot when working with brands because it reminds me that being distinctive is more important than being different.

That brand purpose is brand positioning.

That we need to simply say why something is interesting or important.

That brands grow by gaining market share.

That acquisition campaigns are more revenue-generating, than retention.

That emotion is bankable.

That brands share buyers and that total loyalty is a misallocated concept.

That people don’t want to actively participate with brands.

That finding ways to capture data is exciting because of the tools that are being built to find insights.

That consistency and creativity are what multiplies impact.

And that being a sophisticated mass marketer is okay.

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