What’s Creativity Mean to You?

For anyone who’s ever said “advertising is evil” or “can you make this ad look prettier?”, listen up: “ART & COPY” is coming to Boise and you have a thing or two to learn.

The creative process doesn’t start from or even involve the effort to “make things pretty.” Nor do the people involved in the creative/advertising/marketing industry desire to steal your souls by making you sell-out to materialism.

Don’t believe me? Check yourself & come watch Art & Copy at The Egyptian Theatre on Thursday, March 18 at 7 p.m.


Art & Copy explores the creative advertising industry, individual campaigns, and the wicked brilliant minds behind them. You may leave with the opinion that advertising is still evil, but at least you’ll see all the wildly brilliant efforts that go into all those pretty little ads.

P.S. Proceeds from this event go to TRICA (Treasure Valley Institute for Children’s Art). Buy tickets HERE or go see the nice kids at the Egyptian Theatre for tickets. Let everyone know how jive you are and RSVP your attendance via the Facebook event.

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