What’s in a name? Another name.

Simplot Custom Foods Branding and Messaging

In the business-to-business side of the food industry, what goes into building a strong brand is all about putting other brands first.

As a division of J.R. Simplot Corporation, Simplot Custom Foods is riding on an 87-year legacy of building some of the largest restaurant brands. While Simplot is mostly famous for perfecting french fries and potatoes for thousands of restaurants, they’re a new player in private label retail and consumer packaging goods.

Drake Cooper was tapped to help establish Simplot Custom Foods as a “one-stop frozen food megastore” for buyers for supermarkets and national brands. Not only could they offer hundreds of vegetable blends, potato products, meals, sandwiches, and bowls in over 200 configurations—Simplot Custom Foods also provides extensive packaging capabilities, R&D resources, and a widespread, already-in-place distribution network.

While this is all good, hurling around statistics and logistics was only going to add to the clutter in this competitive set. The goal was to create a brand identity and messaging that put the retail customer and buyer first.

The messaging articulated the key insight in a simple new tag, “The Goods Behind Your Good Name.” This simple statement speaks to the business reality of being able to provide frozen food of such a high caliber that any brand would be proud to put its name on the label. Think of it as the matryoshka-doll brand strategy, where all the good things are on the inside.

The new messaging, brand identity, multi-quad tradeshow booth, and trade ad were unveiled to the public at the annual Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) show on November 12th in Chicago.

Simplot Foods Diagram
And to pull it all together, a new website designed and launched during the tradeshow: www.simplotcustomfoods.com

Simplot Custom Foods Website

Congratulations and thanks to Simplot Custom Foods.
Shout-out: Mona Teffeteller, John Drake, Jennie Myers, Sean D. Young, Chad Connally, Karma Jones, Amanda Cash-Crowley.

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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
November 17, 2010