Where do you get your Vacation Inspiration?


This New York Times article begged the question, “Travel Sites or Guidebooks?”

Some interesting points the author, Sharkey, points out include that travelers seem to prefer 100 strangers’ travel recommendations over a professionally published book’s; the benefits of real-time reviews and postings; the cumbersome elements of carrying physical books; the quality of well-researched content that books usually contain; ETC.

One tone rings throughout this article though – and it’s that the world has gone digital.

For those involved in travel and tourism, if you’re not at least headed in that direction as well, then you might as well go home.

The Idaho Travel Council is an industry leader in sharing their travel guides and marketing campaigns in the digital realm. In December ’09, they made their image-rich travel guide available online. Their website, www.visitidaho.org, also features advanced 360 degree, 3-D ‘tours’ of seven scenic travel hot-spots in the state.

Most recently, the ITC released “The Great Idaho Getaway”, an online family travel documentary about one Seattle family’s 10-day Idaho vacation. “The Great Idaho Getaway” combines a real family’s testimonies about their travel experiences in Idaho with the ability for viewers to research and plan their own “great Idaho getaway.”

So in response to Sharkey’s question, “Why not do both?” It seems the Idaho Travel Council has answered that question in multiple ways.

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Sean Young
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