2014 Backstage Pass Summer Interns

Here at Drake Cooper we are often presented with quick-response, non-standard projects and campaigns that require agility, haste, and most importantly, thinking outside of the box. After being presented with these unique project opportunities time and again, Drake Cooper thought to set our sights on recruiting candidates for our Backstage Pass summer intern program that could become a crack team of multi-talented marketing SEALs to tackle these “special ops” for the agency.

When we began accepting applications for Backstage Pass, it didn’t take long for word to spread and for the resumes to roll in. With over 150 applications, we had a lot of ground to cover. We knew the best candidates would have experience and possess diverse skill sets so the team could be flexible when various tasks came about. Candidates driven to work in marketing and advertising and who saw a future in the industry were also a must. The competition was obviously fierce, with 150 apps for what would become only 4 spots in the program.

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the cream of the crop, the DC special forces; our 2014 Backstage Pass interns.

Nicholas Butler

Recent high school graduate, programmer, graphic designer, aspiring aerospace engineer, novice cinematographer and all around technomancer. Nicholas is our development guru.

Koby Conrad

Serial entrepreneur, occasional hippie, SEO & social media fanatic. Lover of music, tea, and books (ones that have actual paper). Koby brings digital marketing and outreach expertise to the team.

DJ Ramirez

Digital native, coffee addict, part-time entrepreneur and vinyl junkie. Just a family man living in the city of trees. DJ is a design expert and a brainstorming professional.

Taylor Williams

Recent college graduate, graphic designer, illustrator, and creative problem solver.  Outdoor enthusiast, thrift store explorer, and travel junkie. Summer lover, beer guzzler, and concert goer (preferably all at the same time). Taylor brings a diversity of management, design, and events experience to the team.

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