Cannes 2014


There are numerous industry award shows. But globally, very few accolades shine as bright as taking home top honors at Cannes. This year the festival saw everyone from Bono, to Apple’s Jonathan Ive, to Marissa Mayer take the stage.

Overall, Leo Burnett did a nice job of narrowing the field of potential winners before things kicked off. But there were some surprises.

The Grand Prix is the top honor at Cannes in each category. Noticeably absent at this highest level were American marketing departments. In fact, Chipotle’s “Scarecrow” was the only USA-based team that brought back a Grand Prix. This is interesting because the US is home to 41 of the 100 largest global marketers, and out of the $503 billion spent annually on advertising a whopping 32 percent of that is within the US. It’s reconfirmed year after year: great work isn’t just about the most money.

The launch of “Scarecrow” took place solely in PR where USA Today received an exclusive at launch and the idea took off after that earning its Grand Prix in PR and top honors in several other categories. The brand knew they had something great early on and increased ad spending accordingly which helped boost store traffic.

Beyond Chipotle, below are some other creative ideas deemed best in the world this year.


Design: Grand Prix

Bergen International Festival, Identity Design

Bergen created a branded look that is also music. Brilliant.


Creative Effectiveness: Gold

Dove, Real Beauty Sketches

According to Dove, only 4 percent of women believe they’re beautiful. How do you inspire the other 96% to feel the same?


Cyber: Grand Prix

Volvo Trucks, Live Test Series

The idea: carry out extreme tests of relevant product features, in a live set up, where the outcome could never be guaranteed.


Direct: Grand Prix

British Airways, Magic of Flying

The objective: raise awareness of the breadth of destinations offered by British Airways. Global reach achieved 350 million at the time of Cannes.


Film (Retail): Grand Prix

Harvey Nichols, Sorry I Spent It On Myself

Christmas is all about giving, sharing and caring. Or is it?


Film (Web): Grand Prix

Volvo Trucks, The Epic Split

Probably the most amazing marketing idea captured on film; which is also all about the product benefit.


Mobile: Grand Prix

Nivea, Sun Kids

When we talk about how targeted advertising and technology can be useful and brand-relevant, this is the type of opportunities we mean.


Print: Gold

Procter & Gamble/Duracell

The cleverness of this design is brilliant.



Honda, Sound of Honda

For racing enthusiasts, this idea recreated the famous 1989 speed lap achieved with a Honda engine… using only sound.


Each year Cannes Lions honor achievement in creativity and the crafting of marketing.

To see all the winners spend some time here.

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