Big Ups from Industry Peers for Great Idaho Getaway

The Great Idaho Getaway Project for the Idaho Travel Council has been receiving some good on-line press in online advertising trade pubs.

“It’s a nice combination of rich, engaging technology and a user experience that brings the state to life.”

“The Lumpkins have a great time, seem impressed by the range of activities, and come across as genuinely grateful and actually somewhat relaxed by the end. (Unlike in My Own Private Idaho, no one dies or is forced to have sex for money, which is a plus.)”

We thought we’d take the opportunity again to thank our clients, vendors, and agency peeps who made this possible: Joe Quatrone, Josh Mercaldo, Lisa Hawkes, Jennie Myers, Lindsay Shumate, Sean Young, Justin Yonk, Chad Connelly, Brad Rowan, Jeff Noble, Lorena Davis, John Nance, Julie Grant, Anthony Jensen, Peg Owens, Ron Gardner, and everyone at NXNW productions.

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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
April 19, 20104 min read