#NewWork: Built Different—a platform for a truly unique home buying experience

CBH Homes has long been the #1 home builder in the Treasure Valley’s competitive home market while championing a “Built Different” mindset. In collaboration with Drake Cooper, they’ve rolled out something pretty cool for folks looking to buy a home, even when the market’s all over the place. They’re dedicated to building not just houses but homes that strike the right balance between looking sharp and being something attainable.

“Built Different” is CBH’s unique approach to tackling the journey to homeownership. They use everything from digital ads to real-world stuff like eye-catching bus wraps and billboards that make potential buyers “Oooh.” and “Aaaah.” all the way to ownership. Every bit of their marketing is designed to show off just how smartly CBH builds homes, from their savvy building techniques to interiors that get a seasonal refresh and the selection of homes ready for you to move into.

A pivotal piece of the “Built Different” platform is the revitalized Boise Airport atrium feature. It’s a slice of the CBH world designed to welcome returning locals and first-time visitors. It features their “On The Block” initiative, which brings fun to home shopping with things like free food trucks and hot air balloon rides. The idea is to make the whole experience feel more like a party and less like a task. 

The space is just as interactive as it is informative. With a scaled 3D hot air balloon and digital screens that showcase CBH events, it’s a vibrant introduction to the brand. Plus, with handy QR codes, you can go from “just looking” to “let’s do this” in a snap. They’ve even got places to charge your phone and sit for a second, making it a perfect pit stop for airport goers.

With the “Built Different” platform, right down to their airport showcase, CBH Homes is upping its marketing game, making sure it stands out in the crowd and makes the journey to buying a home something to look forward to. With CBH, you’re not just buying a house but finding a home where dreams take flight.

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