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Line Up Of Rockies Awards Won By Drake Cooper

Drake Cooper Rockie Awards Winnings


After the Rockie Awards last weekend it might be convenient to take a more reflective stance on awards. You know the drill. One takes a sort of introspective siesta, where one feigns humility and questions the importance of said awards, while dismissively tossing around “ROI”-like acronyms as if it was fake ‘n bake lotion on an episode of the Jersey Shore.
Nay! We say STFU* faux humility tendency. We did great work (Best-of-Show, Y’all), and the tally of 10 citations, 11 Silvers, and 6 golds should serve as proof of the creative zeitgeist coursing through our bloody tubeways.
In other words, it’s not just okay to feel great about doing great work. It’s absolutely necessary. So, let us take this moment and head-butt congratulations to all the DC associate work contemporaries for doing great work—EVEN in a not-so-great economy.
Of course, we know that great work all starts with great clients. And not just great, but clients with the courage to hand us the car keys and practically throw in a kegger and illegal fireworks to boot.
To our great, courageous clients past and present, we say “grazie infinite!
*Note: While the STFU exhortation is commonly known for it’s expletive connotations, it’s also an acronym for now defunct Southern Tenant Farmers Union. Which has nothing to do with anything, or does it?


Check out the 2010 Rockie Award Book digital version.

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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
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