Fraud Prevention Illustrated

Kount Introduction Video

The threat of online and card-not-present fraud can be complicated. Imagine trying to explain how Kount’s technology stops fraud before it becomes a problem.

Kount approached Drake Cooper to create an introductory video to give potential customers insight into how Kount can not only prevent fraud, but also help them maximize sales. To accomplish this, Drake Cooper went back to the drawing board. Or should we say, the whiteboard?

The result was a three-minute whiteboard video that was shot in-house, literally. Featuring the Drake Cooper conference room and white board, the images unfold in sequence to a voice-over outlining the Kount story. The process was more involved, featuring hours of illustration and post-production magic to deliver the final, hand-drawn video.

The video has launched to huge kudos from the client, who’s already put the video in the power position on the website to help generate qualified sales leads. Check it out:

Shout out: Kount, Dennis Budell, Mona Teffeteller, Brandie Holly, Sean Young, Cale Cathey, Chris Ennis, Allen Gladfelter, Chris Vandershaaf, Joe Boren, Sound Logic.

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