State of the Media Democracy

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Deloitte recently released their “State of the Media Democracy” and the results are centering. It’s helpful to have one study that recaps everything from TV to Mobile to Web. Here’s the abridged :45 second version of some key findings for those on the go:

Television is still the most influential medium. 71% of Americans cite TV among their favorite media activities and 86% say it has the most impact on their buying decisions.

Okay then, but it’s important to note that while we’re watching TV, 75% of us are multi-tasking with 42% online while watching.

When it comes to smarphones, 33% of American households have one. This is up from 11% pre-recession.

When it comes to desktop computers, 85% of American homes now have one.

For magazines, 70% of us still enjoy reading them. And even though the same content is available online, 80% of Americans say they still prefer to read the printed editions. (A consistent figure since 2007.)

We like the cloud. 32% of us have the desire to have an online media storage service that is accessible from any device.

Finally, if given the choice to pay for online content at the expense of not being exposed to ads, only 26% of us would choose to do that.

Deloitte’s full report can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

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Sean Young
Sean Young
April 25, 20112 min read