How Many Fortune 500 Companies Are Based in Seattle, Boise and Portland?

The 2013 Fortune 500 was just published and each major Northwest metro—Seattle, Portland and Boise—all ranked. As a region, Washington, Idaho and Oregon had eleven top companies making the list. While some mid-sized states, like North Carolina, had more than the entire Northwest, eleven is a solid showing. Especially when year-over-year ranking is considered; eight out of the eleven companies posted increases versus 2012.

Below is the 2013 ranking, the company and the difference versus 2012’s Fortune 500.


#22  Costco (+2)

#35  Microsoft (+2)

#49  Amazon (+7)

#168  Paccar (-9)

#208  Starbucks (+19)

#227  Nordstrom (+15)

#363  Weyerhaeuser (+11)

#428  Expeditors Intl of WA (-33)


#318  Micron (-27)


#126  Nike (+10)

#355  Precision Castparts (+32)

We are lucky to be in a region that has such strong representation spanning many different industries.

As a reminder, Fortune ranks companies based on total revenue by their respective fiscal years. Pubic and Private companies are both included.

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