Idaho Preferred’s New Fair Display

We had a great time at the Western Idaho Fair on Saturday. I honestly can’t remember the last time I went to a fair when it was under 95 degrees (let alone 70 degrees)!  This year the fair even sustained winds of over 60 miles per hour. Glad to see our client Idaho Preferred’s display was still standing strong. Drake Cooper recently redesigned their display and it has been very well received. 

The strategy behind the design centered around creating a look and feel of a local country store, complete with graphics designed to be reminiscent of wooden produce crates.  On the display were small, handcrafted wooden boxes and inside were various cards, each featuring an Idaho food or agricultural product (such as peaches).

This overall design approach continues to reinforce Idaho Preferred’s mission, which is to promote the consumption of Idaho food, beverages and agricultural products. We were incredibly proud to have the opportunity to work on this display. Congratulations to Idaho Preferred for another successful year at the Western Idaho State Fair. Next stop, the display travels to Twin Falls for another fair!  Also, just around the corner on September 1st marks the beginning of Idaho Preferred Month!  Learn more at

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Sean Young
Sean Young
October 27, 20102 min read