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Drake Cooper Wins A W3 Silver Award
Drake Cooper W3 Award For Idaho Travel
Recently while standing in a movie theater line, we wisely avoided the pretension of quoting Marshall McLuhan and instead cited Prince who once said, “I don’t care 2 win awards / All I wanna do is dance, play music, sex, romance.” While we wholeheartedly agree with the latter part of the quote, we have to differ on the first part—we actually do like to win awards. Mainly because we get to recognize all the awesome work of our team and tout great client relationships that produce great work.

So, we’re proud to announce that the Great Idaho Getaway Project website won a Silver in the W3 Awards. Not a small feat, considering the 3,000-plus entries  received this year alone. The W3 Awards, sanctioned and judged by International Academy of the Visual Arts, “…honors creative excellence on the web, and recognizes the creative and marketing professionals behind award winning sites, marketing programs, and video work created for the web. In honoring outstanding websites, web advertising, web video, & Mobile Apps.”

The Great Idaho Getaway Project was developed to create an engaging on-line brand experience demonstrating Idaho’s adventure potential. The concept revolved around snatching a Seattle family with one over-worked Dad off to Idaho for a 10-day real-life adventure. Followed by a 25-person crew with six cameras, we captured all the adventure, fun, scenic wonder, top-notch dining, and luxury accommodations they could fit into the ten-day trip.

A break-though website was developed that brings together both worlds of rich, engaging technology with a user experience where website visitors can watch the film, check out the bonus footage, follow the family’s route, get ideas for their own adventure, and even book a trip of their own.

The fully-integrated push for the Great Idaho Getaway Project blended social media, online marketing, search-engine marketing (SEM), public relations, and print advertising.

We’d like to give a virtual fist bump and props to our great client, The Idaho Travel Council and the team who brought the Great Idaho Getaway to life: Drake Cooper: Josh Mercaldo, Lindsay Shumate, Joe Quatrone, Jennie Myers, Sean Young, Cale Cathey, John Drake, Jamie Cooper, Lisa Hawkes, Karma Jones, Josh Mcdannel, Justin Yonk, Chad Connally, Amanda Sapp, Amanda Cash-Crowley, North By Northwest Productions: Lorena Davis, Jeff Noble, John Eames, John Nance, and Producer Tony Jensen.

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