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Keynetics Branding and Web Development

Evolving a brand is more than performing a nip and tuck on the look and feel. It’s also an opportunity to re-evaluate the core attributes of the brand and find more effective ways to bring these forward in the branding.
Keynetics is a parent company of several technology subsidiaries such as Clickbank and Kount. In the past, Keynetics has kept a lower profile than their subsidiaries, but the time is right to drive more attention to Keynetics as an innovator and business leader.
The revitalized Keynetics brand speaks to the powerful combination of the simple elegance of people-driven innovation and the high-science of next-generation business technology. This was embodied in the clean and contemporary look and feel of the new Web site as well as the update of the Keynetics “Light Bulb” logo using mathematic iconography.
Shout-Out: Dennis Budell, Joe Quatrone, Justin Yonk, Matt Stevens, Cale Cathey, Todd Meier, Sean Young, Karma Jones, Brandie Holly, John Drake, Amanda Cash-Crowley, and Joanne Taylor.

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Dylan Amundson
Dylan Amundson
March 24, 2010