Mad Man. Ad Legend. Steve Hayden.

The marketing/advertising industry of Boise is in for a big treat on Thursday, May 12th. In what should be an epic program for the Boise Ad Federation, Steve Hayden the Vice Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide will speak to close out the programs season.

Mr. Hayden launched his career in Detroit as a copywriter on the General Motors corporate account and when he returned to California he was recruited to Chiat-Day where he and Lee Clow made advertising history as co-creators of the breakthrough 1984 Orwellian take-off campaign for Apple Inc.

In 1986, Steve moved to BBDO to become the Chairman/CEO of West Coast operations. Apple had fired Chiat/Day and the account was awarded to BBDO. The Hayden-lead BBDO managed to hold on to the tempestuous Apple account for more than a decade, winning hundreds of awards for creative excellence and dozens more for effectiveness (including the Grand Effie for the launch of the Apple Powerbook.)

BBDO helped Apple become the #1 manufacturer of personal computers in the world, reclaiming the lead from IBM and Compaq in late 1992. The agency tripled in size during Hayden’s tenure.

In 1994, Hayden moved to Ogilvy to head the IBM account – which had moved to Ogilvy in the single largest account consolidation in advertising history. He led the team that created and launched IBM’s award-winning e-business campaign and he’s the voice of “Hello Moto”, the ringtone and campaign he and his team at Ogilvy created for Motorola. Hayden has also contributed to award-winning work for such diverse clients as American Express, Kodak, Motorola, Dove, Cisco and SAP.

Thursday, May 12th | 11:30am – 1:00pm
The Linen Building
1402 Grove Street | Boise, ID
BAF Members $18
Non-members $25
Students $10

Make sure you RSVP here to save your seat!

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