Screens As Accessory

At first, this looks pretty cool. And then you think about it for a few moments and you probably think it’s dumb. Why would I ever wear that?

But then, upon further thought, you remember how cumbersome the phone is sometimes. Screens are getting bigger and it’s more noticeable when you carry it around in your pocket. Constantly reminding you that it’s there—kind of heavy. Something on your mind.

What if you wanted to go out to a club? The bracelet would be nice. You’re not making a lot of calls, but you’re sending texts and using other screen info. The same can be said for the gym. It’s good to keep track of your workout, but do you need the whole phone or just a screen?

And what about if you have a job where you’re always in motion? Perhaps a nurse. Want to carry a smartphone around all day in scrubs?

This product is probably a bit more realistic screen than other things out there. But designing things for glanceable interaction is something to watch. The bracelet is certainly good for that.

Things have a way of finding an audience. Because, as William Gibson says, the street finds its own uses for things. Most media forms don’t succeed at what they were supposed to be for, but they tend to find a niche.

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