The Big Pharmacy Chain Job-Uptake Inhibitor*

Pharmacy Recruitment Brochure for Albertson’s LLC

Recruiting is tough. Especially in the shark-tank, feeding frenzy for recently graduated Pharmacists. The demand for these bright-eyed, fresh-out-of-the-mortar** Pharmacists is high and competition is fierce. You’ve got independent, community pharmacies competing for the new grads with huge, retail Pharmacy giants like Walgreens and Rite Aid. Albertson’s LLC wanted to make its mark in the crowd and ditch the industry convention of the white lab-coat Pharmacy recruitment brochure.

For Drake Cooper, this challenge wasn’t just about look and feel. It was about finding a way to tap into what recent Pharmacy grads really wanted. Albertson’s research revealed that, after eight years of pharmacology, these people wanted to grow a clinical practice while relating with people not as customers, but as patients. It turned out that a pharmacy practice located in a community grocery store was the perfect place for that to happen.

Riffing off the interplay of a pharmacy located in a grocery store, the new Albertson’s brochure is all about fresh opportunities that one can only find in a Community Pharmacy. The mash-up of pharmacy and grocery allowed the team to create unique designs for different spreads and pepper the content throughout in clever and relevant ways. Smart and lively copy with lines like “We’ve been admiring your triturating skills” tap into the Pharmacist lifestyle with a fresh respect for the knowledge they’ve gained.

The brochure has made a great impression among new Pharmacists and has evolved into more collateral and trade show executions playing off of the re-freshed creative direction.

Shout out: Jennie Myers, Sean Young, Mona Teffeteller, Joe Quatrone, John Drake, and Karma Jones.

*This headline is a play off of drugs known as reuptake inhibitors. If you know what that is, you’re a pharmacist, someone taking the medication, or both.
**Unlike the mythological Russian witch, Baba Yaga, most Pharmacists don’t actually ride around in a mortar. (Although Baba Yaga’s hut on chicken legs looks like some sweet digs. Take note budding Pharmacists.)
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