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And you thought finding love on a street corner only happens in popular if not overly parodied 90’s movies involving a bubble bath-taking, red dress-wearing Julia Roberts and a lonely Lotus Esprit-driving Richard Gere. Yes, that kind of true love happens every day, but it’s not the kind we’re talking about. You can still queue the Roy Orbison, though, for the rest of this post.

Boise’s streetscape just got a bit more bold with some new traffic box art additions. Let the love fest begin on the corner of 14th and Idaho. Our very own Cale Cathey’s traffic box is entitled “Day and Night.” A raccoon in tighty-whities dances around in nighttime vibrancy, while little bandits daydream of tasty eats near a hard working lumberjack rabbit.

“My traffic box is about finding that balance between working hard and having fun,” Cale says. “The subject matter seemed appropriate for a box located between the Boise Rock School and the Water Cooler. I gave a nod to BRS with the rock’n’roll hands, there’s a tribute to my love of meat, and of course, it wouldn’t be complete without adding in a few nipples here and there.”

Joining the traffic box art guild will be our Conrad Garner as well. Look for his stellar and wicked art musings in front of Lock, Stock & Barrel in the coming months.

In the meantime, for another art fix, hit the “Poster Party! A One Night Stand For Bikes and Local Artists” at the I LOVE YOU/Oliver Russell Building this Thursday evening. Cale, Conrad, and Jennie Myers (and dozens of other local artists) have designed limited edition posters for this fundraiser benefitting the Treasure Valley YMCA. “We’re sharing our love of alternative forms of commuting, communing with Boise’s creative community, and giving back to the larger Boise community. How efficient is that!” Jennie says. “All around, it’s a great reminder that we’re part of something bigger than us, and we’re honored to contribute!”

Pick up some original artwork, sway to some tunes provided by the Vinyl Preservation Society, and show your taste buds some sweet sweet lovin’ with delicious beer from Payette Brewing Company. Show goes from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Photo Credit: Tad Jones

+++ June 15, 2012 Update +++

If you weren’t able to make it down, here are the three posters designed for the Poster Party!

Cale Cathey’s “Summertime”

Conrad Garner’s “Look Ma, No Hands”

Jennie Myers’s “Be Free”

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