You can’t deny it…Peyton Manning is THE man

Bears Attacking Peyton Manning

At today’s DC Friday morning coffee talk it was quite clear that most DCers are rooting for the Aints…I mean Saints in the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. However when people were asked to raise their hands if they were Colts fans some people said how about just Peyton Manning fans? I of course raised my hand as did most others. So in honor of Peyton Manning (not the Colts) I present you with this gem. It’s one of the all time great SNL skits and I think of it everytime I think of Peyton Manning.


I’m pretty sure that he hates the fact that people remember him in this fashion instead of one of the the greatest quarterbacks to ever play.

Check out the video here.

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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
February 6, 20101 min read