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Seattle Follows Only New York For Top Ad Spending Brand Headquarters

This summer AdAge released its list of leading national advertisers. Each top marketer was ranked–from P&G, to Disney, to Nissan–by their total US ad spending. Among the largest 40 advertisers, the top two cities for company headquarters were New York and Seattle.

New York typically tops such polls, but the presence of Seattle could be surprising to many. DMA rankings put Seattle at #12 nationally so one would think that Chicago, Washington DC or San Francisco would be home to the second largest collection of top spenders. But it turns out they are largely dispersed across the country.

The Puget Sound’s presence in the top 40 was from Microsoft, T Mobile and Amazon. These three brands all skew heavy digital further bolstering the point that much of the top media thinking, application and conversations today in the US are taking place right here in the northwest.