Vodka that's north of the center

44° North Vodka

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Vodka that's north of center

When 44° North Vodka approached Drake Cooper for branding, marketing, and digital work, we quickly realized this brand raised more questions than answers. Questions like "What is Idaho about?" And even, "What is America all about?" Part of the reason was 44° North Vodka's origin as an independent, craft vodka in a world of bland, mass-produced spirits. Unlike most vodka brands that are produced from neutral grain spirits, 44° North Vodka is "Grown in Idaho", using Rocky Mountain Spring Water, Famous Idaho® Potatoes, Mountain Huckleberries, Rainier Cherries, Sunnyslope Nectarines and Brundage Winter Wheat. But what does "Grown In Idaho" really mean? Outside of the northwest and beyond the Famous Potato, Idaho is pretty much a blank slate. This turned out to be a good thing. People can make Idaho what they want, defining and redefining in the process. This notion is at the heart of the rugged independence of Idahoans. This is the same DIY spirit that sparked 44° North's early backpack style of marketing and distribution. This insight evolved into the North of Center brand direction. The North of Center brand identity evokes a rugged authenticity that is defiantly optimistic, wide-open and refreshingly direct. It also allows 44° North to handle communication in a unified approach across all mediums.


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#1 Flavored vodka in Idaho since DC came on board
2.5x Increase in sales since DC came on board
100k+ likes FB "likes" from 12,000 to over 100,000 since DC came on board